Colares Winery

Since 1931

Portugal's oldest cooperative winery!

Since 1931, the main purpose of this cooperative has been to make wine from the grapes grown on its members’ farms, using the appropriate means and techniques, thus fulfilling an important social function in the agricultural sector in the municipality of Sintra. The winery is very close to its members through technical assistance to winegrowers and support for their activity. With such an ancient tradition and remarkable typicity, the vines and wine of the Colares region are a true living museum and an ex-libris of the region. Their problems and their survival transcend the mere scope of the economy and become a cultural issue. Our main objective is the protection and preservation of the Colares Wine Culture.


Our history



Founded in 1931, the Adega Regional de Colares currently brings together more than 50% of the region’s production and more than 90% of the producers. The building is imposing, and its interior is stunning due to its size and the number of barrels it houses, making it the quintessential wooden ageing and maturing area in this Demarcated Region. This cooperative winery has always been considered a national drawcard and a historic building in the Sintra region. Prominent figures from national and international politics and culture have passed through here, especially at meals, parties, wine tastings, etc., which are still organized in its main nave today.

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The Team

Paying homage to the teams of the past, who have looked after this heritage to this day, we present the team of the present, heir to the tradition and philosophy of this emblematic house of Portuguese wine-growing heritage.


The most important perpetuators of Colares’ heroic viticulture: Ana Lídia Viana, António Paulo da Silva, Iria Clemente, Filipe Chiolas, João e José Corvo, Joaquim Clemente, José Fonseca Franco, José Sequeira, José Neves Vicente, José Vicente Paulo, Rui Estevão, Cenintel (Escola Profissional B. Vasconcelos).

Administration: José Vicente Paulo

Oenology: Francisco Figueiredo

Wine tourism: Izz Canó

Administrative and Store Support Manager: Joana Palma

Commercial: João Paixão

Operational: Rosa Correia

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